The Ham Radios are Skyrocketing in Popularity!

Well, my friends and I are off to it again! As usual, my friend Nathan and I tuned in on a local ham frequency that’s open for anyone with a license to use. We talk for a while we’re on our way home from school, probably about how we’re going to mount the antenna we recently jointly purchased or something along those lines. Then, another ham comes on and introduces himself. Well, at this point, our conversation had mostly dwindled down, so we entertained having a fresh topic. The new guy on the air starts explaining that he’s putting up a new antenna for HF and he’s selling his old dual band Comet for a reasonable price. Anyway, turns out, this guy is in our area, really close to us. He invites us to come out and take a look at his ham shack. We’re excited because Hams are always looking to share the fun things they’re doing, but most of the time, they’re too far from town. This is a fun opportunity for us. Hams are such a deep group of people that have such good hearts. They are always there to give advice, help others, and share their experiences.

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