Scouting Design

This project was in preparation for this Boy Scout Unit’s 10-Year Anniversary in March of 2016. They reached out to me and asked for three things,

  • A new, exciting look and feel to their brand image including a Logo, custom trailer wrap, and embroidered neckerchiefs.
  • A redesigned website that emphasizes the Scouting Unit’s commitment to adventure yet shows the values and traditions that make the Scouting program beneficial to youth.
  • Outline and administer the framework for Scout an Inspiration, a non-profit media production group that creates digital media to help with public relations and outreach about Scouting. Included in this task was to create a documentary, ‘The Preparation – A Guide for Life‘ and other short films for which I was the Producer.
Troop 1225 Website Logo -2.png
Logo for a Boy Scout Troop – Designed January 2016


Scout an Inspiration Logo Website.png
Logo for a Media Production Non-Profit – Designed November 2015


1225 website
Website Redesign


trailer wrap
Trailer Wrap – Designed February 2016

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